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Support your daily financial decisions with Monified

Connect multiple Bank accounts with your smartphone and keep them synchronized

Adding a bank account

Create cash accounts to track your cash spendings

Creating a cash transaction

Categorize your transactions

Assigning a category

Create meaningful Charts


Why Monified?

Highly Secure

Top Level Security for your data with End-to-End-Encryption

Fully Anonymous

No Account, no Ads, no User Data being stored, possible to purchase outside of the Google Play Store

High Usability

Easy to handle, User-friendly and functional

Transparency and Fairness

One price - no hidden costs

What makes Monified so secure?

We know how valueable information is, especially financial data. To guarantee you a maximum level of data security we use end-to-end-encryption.

End-to-end encryption makes non-interrupted communication between two parties possible. When you sync your bank accounts with Monified your are communicating end-to-end-encrypted with our servers, it is technically impossible for third parties to access your critical data! So you don't have to worry about the safety of the network you are in when checking your financial data.

Even in case you lose your smartphone: a decryption of your login credentials of your registered bank accounts is also technically impossible, an attacker would need access to the private key of the Server to do so.

Why is Monified anonymous?

We have made it our goal to develop Monified as anonymous as possible and treat our users as discreet as possible:

  • No Account is needed to use Monified
  • Monified is completely ad-free
  • We do not store or pass any user-related data

The only data which is stored is an anonymous certificate which is needed for the end-to-end encryption and for licensing the app. Apart from this certificate no user-related data is being stored.

We are also planning to develop a Self-Hosting-Version of Monified, to make it possible to easily run your own Monified-Server on a device of your choice! If you are interested in the Self-Hosting-Version feel free to participate in the discussion on Uservoice.

Why a high Usability?

It's very important for us that you enjoy working with Monified. So we designed it with the new Material Design from Google which is based on the Pen-and-Paper-Style and gives the user a sense of ease and simplicity.

We designed Monified functional and clear to make sure everything you need is in its right place. You should never get overwhelmed or feel lost while using Monified so we try to make it as intuitive and User-friendly as possible.

We built a first Design-Prototype with the Wireframing-Software NinjaMock. You can navigate through it and give us feedback under NinjaMock.

Transparency and Fairness

After installing Monified you can use it for free for 30 days. Then you can purchase Monified for 1,99€ and use it as long as you want.

In case you have any feedback on Monified or need help during the trial phase or afterwards, please tell us in the app under Feedback and Support or click the Support-Tab on the right.

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